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  • Do you serve food?
    We don't serve hot food, however, you are very welcome to order any food you'd like to The Rising, there are lots of options on delivery apps in our area, so the world is your oyster! We do also plan to host themed nights which will include a food offering - keep an eye on our social media for more information.
  • Are you Dog Friendly?
    Yes! We'd love to welcome four legged friends and have treats and water at the ready!
  • What's your sustainability commitment?
    We have strong environmental commitments, our electricity is 100% renewable and we aim to reduce our carbon footprint where possible. Our venue is entirely plant based, for the animals and the planet. We're Carbon Negative thanks to carbon offsetting where reducing is impossible.
  • Do you have outdoor space?
    We have several picnic benches at the front. Please note this area closes at 10pm.
  • Can I hire a section or the whole venue?
    Absolutely! Please get in touch, we'd love to arrange something.
  • I'm a performer, who do I contact for more information on your Music / Drag / Cabaret nights
    We'd love to hear from you. We're proud to be offering live music regularly, as well as Drag and Cabaret nights.
  • I have an allergy, how do I check on ingredients?
    We are a tree nut free and plant based venue, as such there are no peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, crustaceans or eggs at The Rising. For any other allergens please speak to a member of staff or Contact Us.
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